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Most of my current websites are non-public, password-controlled sites. These are a few of the sites that I have done that can be viewed across the public domain.

Tobacco Trailer Blues


My first paid website was for a local, southern-rock band called Tobacco Trailer Blues.  I knew a couple of the members through high school, and when they found out I was starting to design web pages they contacted me about building them one. The band was active for a couple of years and I helped them to promote their appearances, sell merchandise and market their CD.

The site was my first ColdFusion web site.  It had dynamic content, schedules and announcements I could publish through the back end. As I took more classes I added more features, like a Flash demo of their music that is now seen on the front page.

About 15 years ago, the members of the band had children and moved to a point in their lives where keeping the band was no longer feasible.  With permission, I moved the website to a non-dynamic format and I sponsor its hosting and registration.

The Edwards, Michael Douglas Endowed Scholarship


A childhood friend passed away as a teen. I grew up with the family and I was happy to sponsor a small web page to commemorate the life of Mikey and to notate the scholarship set up in his name.

Hit Point Hobbies


I am the friend of the owner of Hit Point Hobbies in Aberdeen, NC.  I have made several versions of the website over the years as his business grows and evolves.  It is a ColdFusion site, and is due for a re-design soon.


Tobacco Trailer Blues - www.tobaccotrailerblues.com

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