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Why are you not trying to sell services harder on this site?

Edge of X Web Designs is a side business for me. It is not a full-time job. I am not looking for more work. I am very cautious about taking on new projects because I know that I have a very limited about of time to work for my clients.

I also get most of my projects by working through other small businesses.

What does "Edge of X" mean?

It never occurred to me at the time I bought the domain, but a few people have identified the "X" as a reference to web pornography. This is not the case.

I bought the domain because I wanted to make a cool, edgy blog. I was born right at the tail end of "Generation X", that is where the name originated. There came a point where I was teamed up with a couple of people to work on some projects, and so I used this domain name as a company name. Fifteen years later, they have re-defined when people in Generation X were born and I am no longer born "on the edge" of Generation X, so it has lost all meaning.

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